Shows! Shows! Shows!

Hey internets!  Binary Heart has 3 shows coming up with many awesome bands!! Let’s party!!!!!!!

August 23rd, Rockaway, NJ, Full Band

August 30th, Smithtown, NY, Acoustic

Sept 6th, Queens, NY, Acoustic

Full band show and new song!

Hello internets!  I’m happy to announce that Binary Heart will be playing with a full band, July 26th at Evenflow in Bay Shore, NY. Heres a link for that! EVENT!!!

Also here’s a new jam!  Hope you dig! :)

Maybe You and Me

First show/post of 2014!

Sup internets! March 1st I’ll be playing a show at Even Flow in Bay Shore, NY with some very talented friends.  Go Big (who is releasing a new cd), Ryan Eldred, The Dirty Gems, Terence Marciano and Jamie Blum.  Here’s the facebook event:

Come down and buy me whiskey! <3

New song!

So it’s been a while internet, but I’m finally starting to write some new songs.  Here’s a demo of a song, titled “You’re a double sweet dream”, that will be on a full length coming out eventually.  :)

It can be found on our bandcamp page.

Done in one take!

Hello interwebs!  My good friend and very talented film maker/photographer asked me to record a cover song in one take for a new series!  If any singer/songwriters want to jump on that bandwagon with me, check out some of his work below and contact him. :) 

-Photography by Jonathan Greco


-Tumblr enthusiasts

Street Folk Sessions

While at Fest 11, the amazing Nick and James from Street Folk Sessions taped us doing a cover of Billy Joels’ “Sleeping with the Television On”. So thank you to Nick and James and extra thanks to Rachel Bell and John DeDomenici for joining in on the fun! ****edit (cause I’m a jerk)**** also a big thank you to Laura Stevenson and Jesse Litwa for lending their guitars. Without them, this wouldn’t of happened!! Check out Street folk Session for other videos from the Fest of The Wild, Broadcaster and many other awesome bands!!!!!

Hey! I'm the guy that said he liked Binary Heart after the BtMI! San Diego show. Do you think you'll make it out here?

Ah hey dude!  I would like to tour out there eventually.  Not exactly sure when I’ll get the chance but I hope sooner than later. 

Sputnik Music Review of Splitsville
Acoustic show Sept 28th!

Fri Sept 28th, I’ll be playing acoustic with some great bands for Go Big!’s cd release party!  So come down and hang out!!  EVENT PAGE!!!

dude, suicide booth is my shit right now. great drummer, best album. love it.

Aw schucks! Thankies! :)