Street Folk Sessions

While at Fest 11, the amazing Nick and James from Street Folk Sessions taped us doing a cover of Billy Joels’ “Sleeping with the Television On”. So thank you to Nick and James and extra thanks to Rachel Bell and John DeDomenici for joining in on the fun! ****edit (cause I’m a jerk)**** also a big thank you to Laura Stevenson and Jesse Litwa for lending their guitars. Without them, this wouldn’t of happened!! Check out Street folk Session for other videos from the Fest of The Wild, Broadcaster and many other awesome bands!!!!!

At Your Lowest!

So this acoustic thing I’ve been working on for a little over a year is finally available.  I’ve been writing this and working on it for the past year in-between school, work, and touring with Bomb The Music Industry.  But here is it, thanks to Kenny McIlwaine at Sun-Dried Tomatoes Studios, Tom Malinowski at Cellar Door Studios, Joelle Andres (check out Joelle’s amazing photography work here), Valerie Sachs, Lee Kessler, Marie Scarsella, and Steve Wozniak for all their help and creative input during this process!  Click on the cover to download for free!